Message From Founder

Dear Students,

There is no limit of getting Education. You can start having your lessons from your family, then parents send you to school where you get less comfortable environment than home and learn to take decisions, face situation.

Education these days may be challenging. This challenge was never bigger before. The opportunities never additional gift as they're these days. Thus the necessity for achievement is totally very important.

At KIS we provide 360º Development to all the students by giving them a supportive environment with sufficient exposure. Through this, we guarantee that our students will shine not only within the academics but in the real world too.

As a founder of this Institution, I have the chance to observe students day to day doing unimaginable things. The connections that are formed at Kelvin are based on a very high level of mutual respect, compassion, and a powerful urge for what is best for every person.

I am proud to be a part of such a fantastic family.

Mr.Gopal Mathur
Kelvin International School