Our Faculty

We believe that teaching is one of the noblest professions anyone can opt for, our teachers are dedicated and knowledgeable, and they gladly pour their knowledge for the better education of children. With such an innovative staff and passionate learning our school aims at the holistic development of a child, giving a child an exquisite environment.

The staff of Kelvin International School will:

  1. Help pupil develop a love of learning

  2. Developing a child’sintellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social skills which are intended to help meet daily life demands and challenges.

  3. Providing smart learning system increases the interaction of teachers and students.

  4. Encourages children to make healthy lifestyles choices.

At the Kelvin International School, we value our most vital key resource that is our teachers. They, in turn, not only work out and execute the curriculum, but also generate a love and fondness for learning amongst our students. Relevant educational qualifications, appropriate experience, and anattentive interview process are the selection criteria for ours staff and faculty.

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