Fee Structure

Fee Description

  • Registration Fee– Registration fee is one time and non-refundable.

    1. Before Taking Admission parents needs to enroll/ Register their child for the Entrance test from class LKG and above.

    2. The submission of ‘Application for Registration’ form or Registration fee does not guarantee admission.

    3. The ‘Registration charge’ will be forfeited (will become non-refundable) if for any reason, the parent or guardian does not proceed for the further admission process.

  • AdmissionFee- This fee is one time and non-refundable.

    1. Once the student has been accepted for admission, the admission fee is to be made to confirm the admission. Admission fees are non-refundable at any time.

  • AnnualFee- Annual fee is a yearly payment and will be charged in every session .It is used for building/maintenance.

    1. No part of the Annual fee is refundable under any circumstance.

    2. The annual fee can be paid in two half-yearly installments. One is at the time of admission and other is in September of every session.

  • Uniform- The uniform Fee includes both winter and summer uniforms. The fee charged will totally depend on the size of the uniform. It can be less or more than the fee mentioned above.

  • Bus fee- Bus routes are available from the Admissions Office. Charges are decided as per route distance irrespective of whether the student uses the bus for single or return journeys.

  • Parents are prohibited to have any cash transaction directly with warden/teachers/school staff. The school does not take responsibility for any such payments. All monetary transactions are to be routed through school Accounts/ Fee Department Office only.

  • All fee deposit receipts must be duly collected by the parents/guardians at the time of paying school fee and kept safe for the future reference.

  • Fee can be paid by cash at the School’s Accounts Office. Fee can also be paid online through UPI and Bank Transfer.

    Note- Cheques are also accepted but due to any reason if the cheque will not get accepted by the bank or bounced then the cheque bounce penalty will be charged from the parent.

  • There are some concession policies for Siblings /Single mothers/ Defense person/Policemen/Doctors. For information regarding the concession policy visit or contact the school admission office.